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chloe_otp's Journal

Chloe Sullivan OTPs
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Welcome to chloe_otp, a community where you can post graphics, videos, discussions, fanfiction, etc. for Chloe Sullivan Pairings. Basically, if you ship Chloe with more than one character, then this is the place for you.

  1. Due to Spam posts, we had to become a moderated joining community, thus if you submit yourself for approval - please take into consideration that if you are new to LJ or haven't written ANYTHING in your journal (or have locked entries), than you will be rejected. Comment HERE to let me know if you're human and not an evil spam.

  2. This community is not for starting ship wars, so if you have come here for that. LEAVE NOW.

  3. You will be banned if you bash any character, pairing, story, or author. If this rule is broken, I would like to be notified so I can ban the idiot.

  4. This community accepts ALL pairings, ALL ratings, and ALL types of writings (slash, incest, threesomes, etc).

  5. Only thing not allowed is RPF, so no Allison Mack fanfics.

  6. PLEASE only post graphics, fics, videos, discussion, etc IF its Chloe-pairing related - so no just Chloe discussions or works... I suggest chloesullivan if you want to do that.

  7. Please Friend Lock on any fanfic higher then R (aka M).

  8. Put everything (including drabbles) behind LJ-cuts. Click HERE if you don't know how.

  9. Please use the TAGS, click HERE if you don't know how. Its to keep the community nice and organized. If I don't happen to have your pairing or whatever, I'll add it once you post your entry.

  10. Spoilers must be placed under a cut and must be clearly labeled as a spoiler.

  11. If you feel the need to introduce yourself, please do so when you are adding a fanwork or discussion, thank you.

  12. Please have a Title, Fandom/Crossover, Pairing(s), Rating, Warning/Spoilers, and a Summary for ALL FANFICTION ENTRIES. I will delete entries that do not have a similiar header.

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